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With Minyoung Lee

Irfan’ Review

This app is amazing for those traveler who wanna meet locals to hangout with.
I was impressed by how quickly the response was and Im glad that I had chance to meet with Minyoung.
We had a nice coffee chat session and walk around Myeongdong.
She speaks fluent English and is very experienced.
Thanks for being able to spend some time with me and I hope we can meet again. I truly recommend this app for you guys.


I met another tourmate after my first tourmate, Sara. The second tourmate was Irfan, who came from Malaysia.

He was a nice guy that he was doing volunteer work in Seoul even he came here for his holidays.
He said in Malaysia they only have a short winter break and they don’t call the winter break as ‘winter break’.
You know, Malaysia is always warm so they can’t feel the winter. That is why.

It was really interesting to hear that.

We planned to go Starbucks, but he wanted to go to the cafe which is only in Korea.

So we went to Tom N Toms cafe and had coffee and hot chocolate.
After having a cup of coffee, he wanted to have a quick look on Myeongdong street.
He was amazed at many kinds of street food.
He said he will visit Myeongdong again to have a meal with street food. Also, he tried to find a special building.

Guess what building he was looking for?

It was ‘Nature Republic’! Haha

He saw the photo of Nature Republic’s building full of grass from bottom to top.

He wanted me to take a cool picture so I did!

With our last selfie, we said goodbye and headed to our own way.

It was great to meet you and be your photographer Irfan! 😉