MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Kangsan Lee

I was travel in Seoul hot spot with my Dubai tourmate Tamer!

First we met in front of the Gwanghwamoon gate. 

and then we went to Tongin Market for eatikng lunch.

Tongin Market

We exchanged about our money to traditional coins and start the eating.
We ate lots of food like Dduckboki, fried shrimp, dumpling, fish cake, Japchae
He wants to eat any kind of seafood, but we couldn’t find the fresh seafood.
However, Tamer and me had new experience about the Korean traditional culture.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Next~!!!! we moved to Gyeongbokgung palace.
Before, we visited national palace museum of Korea.
We just look around for Josun dynasty display section and then we were going to Gyeonbokgung Palace tour.
Tamer like Korean traditional design of wall and palace
and we saw the combination of traditional and modern style Korea building.

Especially, Tamer like the mood of Korean library.

After Gyeongbokgung travel we moved to Gwanghwamoon square.

I was surprised he already know about General Lee sun sin.
Because he saw the movie about Korean history war with Japan.

Take a selfie~~~ haha

Cheonggye Stream

Finally, we moved to Cheonggye stream. 
The weather was still cold, but we soaked our feet. 
Actually, I feel so cold but Tamer was so funny. haha
and we got some interview about the tour.


After the interview, we talking about our life.

Tamer promise to me, when I will visit Dubai, He will prepare the sandboard for me!!!!

wow~~!!!!!! yeah~!!!

The travel was so excited for me and so so funny.
I never forget the experience about the travel with Tamer tourmate.