MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Sojin Baek

Nicolas’ Review

Sojin is a very friendly, sweet, smart and organized tourmate!!
I think the tour is interesting because it shows a very beautiful part of Seoul that tourists don’t go to often! Highly Recommended!


I met him at Hongdae station. Because I had to work, we put off to meet by 2pm.

Yeonnam dong

And we had lunch at small bistro in Yeonnam dong. We had hamberg steak and it was sooo great!!

We talked a lot there! About….an hour and a half? We finished the dish clearly.

Walked along the alleys

We walked along the alleys in Yeonnam-dong and Yeonhui-dong very fast. (He walks really fast!)

When we got to the view point, he took some pics and I took him.

The weather was good. Little bit hot tho.

He was really talkative and he said really positively about me and my future. We talked about my dream and he also gave me some advice.