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Hi, I’m yunjeong. Call me verda or yunjeong.
First, thank you for reading my profile. I’m not an outgoing person but I’m not a shy person.
I really love to talk with people about each person’s life and values. As you watch my video, I like travel, coffee, beer, music and perfume which doesn’t appear on the video.
I want to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the tour. I’m always here to be your tourmate 
I’m waiting for you 🙂 Thank you!

Ideal type of tourmate

Anyone who wants to travel with me

Organized by Yunjeong

Make Perfume in Korea
Calm travel with your own scents

We will tour in Yeonnam-dong. Yeonnam-dong is located near Hongdae, a tour attraction. Yeonnam-dong is famous for unique local cafes, stores, and restaurants on each street. It is not famous for foreigners but is a well-known place for Koreans. First, we will make perfume. This one-day class takes about 20 minutes. You can make perfume with your favorite fragrance. Roll-on perfume is small in size so you can carry it easily anywhere. The fragrance is the most memorable sense of the five senses. After you have finished your trip, you will be able to recall the memories of your trip whenever you spray your perfume made in Seoul.

(Incheon) Don’t you wonder Hanok in city ‘SONGDO’?

Songdo is located about 30 minutes by bus from Incheon Airport. Songdo’s full name is Songdo International City. There are many foreign tourists as well as locals. There are various shopping malls in Songdo, and there are almost all famous franchise shops in Korea. The most famous of Songdo is Central Park. Songdo Central Park has been created from the idea of creating an eternal large green space in the city center, like New York’s Central Park, in Songdo International Business Park.

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