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Woohyang Yim | Gangnam cafe with Tourmate - MYTM
Woohyang Yim | Gangnam cafe with Tourmate - MYTM
Woohyang Yim | Gangnam cafe with Tourmate - MYTM
Woohyang Yim | Gangnam cafe with Tourmate - MYTM


WooHyang Yim (22)


English, Korean, Chinese


Hi, I’m yimwoohyang from Korea you can call me ellena also. Like you guys I also like traveling around the world. so I believe we have many things in common. And with me, I can show you around many tour sites. Also, we can have delicious foods, go to market together, and if you are interested in Korean culture I world like to tell you as much as I know:-)

Ideal type of tourmate

I want funny and cool guys! And If you like hang out with the pet, contact me Now!

Organized by WooHyang

When u’re in Gangnam, be sure to give these pet cafe a visit

Welcome to Gangnam. I think Gangnam is a cool place. Because you can do almost everything here like having some delicious food, shopping, and going to the pet stores and having a wonderful time with pets. So, we’ll meet Gangnam subway station, Exit 11. First, we go to shopping Kakao Friends store. KakaoTalk is the most popular messaging app in Korea, and the cute emoticon characters are much loved by its users. This store sells items such as calendars, plushies, pillows, keyrings and even golf balls, all of which feature these adorable characters. 

seoul express terminal (7)
Let’s see the world’s longest bridge fountain!

And we are going to go Banpo Hangang Park. This park is the site of many Hangang River attractions, including the Banpo Daegyo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, the Underwater Bridge, and Moonlight Square. Around the man-made island Seoraeseom lslet. You can watch this spectacular fountain show from April to October. The rainbow jets at either of the bridge together create a 1,140m stretch of water that gets illuminated by 200 colored lights for a picturesque view.

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