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Suhee Cho


English, Korean


Welcome to Korea! I’m Suhee Cho and I believe that you can easily pronounce my name correctly.

To start talking about me, I’m a person who likes to travel around other countries and experience new things like food and culture. Also, I’m a good listener so we can talk and share many things about any topic.

One of my favorite topics is traveling and just like you came to Korea I guess you and me have one thing in common. We like traveling! Right? 

During my tour, if you have any question I will tell you as much as I know and even after the tour, you are welcome to ask me things about Real Korea. 

I’m ready to be your tourmate so don’t hesitate to hang out with me! I hope we can meet up soon:)

Ideal type of tourmate

Since I like to meet new people, everyone can be my tourmate. But my tour is not really emphasizing the famous Korean tourist site so those who want to find out how real Korean hang out with friends this tour is just right for you.

The K-Tourmate’s Video