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My travel schedule has been always hectic. I was busy to go attractions or eat the local food of that country. To me, it is important to feel or experience their culture/ history in travel. I’ll prepare my travel program very sincerely. Because I know that time you decide to spend with me is very valuable.


6 hrs 30mins


History / Food



First, Hwaseong Haenggung

(Suwon) With YOU, Visit Hwaseong Fortress hottest spot Korea. You can have a unique experience, bowing traditional Korean archery at Yeonmudae.
(Suwon) With YOU, Visit Hwaseong Fortress hottest spot Korea. You can have a unique experience, bowing traditional Korean archery at Yeonmudae.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress was constructed by king Jeonjo (reigning 1777~1800) after moving the tomb of his father Sadoseja, Crown Prince. The most important reason built this fortress was King Jeongjo’s filial piety to his father. But, there were other reasons: his political strategy to eradicate faction struggles and establish the king-led politics; use of it as a fortress of national defense to the south. This fortress was designated as World Heritage by UNESCO and it is precious Korean cultural property. You could find out traditional beauty different from Gyeongbokgung Palace of Seoul, which is representative Korean heritage.

Hwaseong Haenggung is a palace located outside of Seoul where the king used to stay when he traveled, at war times, or when he visited tombs. It is the start point of our tour. At Hwaseong Haenggung square, we can fly a kite and do Tuho, traditional game throwing sticks into a canister. If you look closely the square floor, there is fun to see the sculpture showing you ceremony of King Jeongjo’s City Visit. And there are many wax figures reproducing the appearance of the people in Chosun dynasty inside Hwasweong Heanggung. You can enjoy Hwaseong Haenggung tour with the Stamping, trying on a costume of the king or the queen, making the court paper flower, and trying on the armor of Jangyongyeong, etc.

Second, Korea Chicken

There is chicken alley near Hwaseong Haenggung. ‘Jinmi Chicken’ is a most famous restaurant in this alley. You can enjoy a taste of fried chicken roasted in Gamespot, a Korean traditional iron pot. On the way to the restaurant, you can see the south gate of the fortress, the Paldalmun. 

Third,  Hwaseong Fortress

There are four gates in Hwaseong Fortress, the Janganmun(north gate), Paldalmun(south gate), Hwaseomun(west g ate), Changnyongmun(east gate). We will go sightseeing some areas of Fortress, North gate and West gate by Hwaseong trolley because It is hard to see all gates on foot.
The north gate, which is located below the Banghwasuryujeong, is called Hwahongmun, which means “beautiful rainbow-colored gate.” Dongbuk Gangnu is a tower above a pond called Youngyeon located in the northeast of the Hwaseong Fortress. Its nickname is Banghwasuryujeong. Hwahongmun and Banghwasuryujeong are regarded as a most beautiful place of Hwaseong Fortress. We will get off the Hwaseong Trolley at this place and take an enough time to take photos and go for a breezy stroll.

When we move slightly along the fortress, we will arrive at the east gate of Hwaseong
Fortress. You can have a unique experience, bowing traditional Korean archery at Yeonmudae.




Outside of exit #4, Suwon station (line number 1)



Take a bus to Hwaseong Haenggung 



Hwaseong Haenggung Tour



Move to Suwon Chicken alley through the Haenggung street. (You can buy souvenir on this street)






Move to Paldal mountatin. Get on Hwaseong trolley.



 Paldal mt. – Hwaseomun- Jangan park – Janganmun, train tour.



Hwahongmun, Banghwasuryujeong Tour on foot.  



Move to Yeonmudae.



Traditional Korean archery experience, Changnyongmun tour. 



 Take a bus and move to Suwon station  



End of tour