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Korean university student
Korean university student
Korean university student
Korean university student


Youngsu Jin


English, Korean


I am a Korean university student. My major is history so I think myself as an open-minded person. I like sport especially football and baseball.

I am also an active person and I have taken part in many stuffs such as student council and faculty trip manager. I’m waiting for a good tourmate and the next person is you!

Ideal type of tourmate

I think that the best tourmate is the person who can enjoy our itinerary.

Communication is the most important. By traveling together, I hope that my tourmate will know Korea as a good way.

Organized by Youngsu


Walk into Korea traditional spot and meet new experience! This tour is specialized with famous Korea traditional spot. Our journey is composed of 3 places and we are going to meet Anguk subway station(Line number 3) gate number 5(Inside). After meeting, we are supposed to have a lunch at the Korean restaurant, which name is Doma. Our menu is rich, Bulgogi with Denjang soup, which is made by fermented bean sauce. You can eat Korean food with traditional atmosphere. And if we have a time, I have a plan that I bring my mate to go to Jogyesa temple nearby restaurant.

The K-Tourmate’s Video