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Seongmin Gang


English, Korean


Hello, Nice to meet you. My name is seong-min Gang I want to be a flight attendant. so my motto is “If you hold your fist, you can’t shake hands” I think about this, I always try and challenge various activity to get a good experience and realization. 

I’m very positive minded person and I really like to meet new people and get along with them well. I always had good relationships with friends. Also I try to put others before myself. I’m sure that my personality is really suitable for MYTM

Ideal type of tourmate

I like a sincere and lively friend who will enjoy a happy tour with me. And I want to be a true friend, not just a tour mate.
I like to meet new people, So I want to enjoy Korean culture with who can not feel difficulty from me. Let’s do it together.

Organized by Seongmin

Daegu modern alley tour
(Daegu Modern Alley Tour) Let’s fill up the memories

Relish a journey into both history and culture of Daegu. This Daegu modern alley tour will take you to stroll along the Modern Alley core attractions. Our locals will kindly lead you through Modern Alley. In that place have our history. The first church in Gyeongsang province and Daegu, American Christian missionaries house etc. After we take a look at the Alley, lunch will take place at a traditional Seomun Market, located near Modern Alley. You will experience the food culture of Daegu. And you can try Seomun market street food.

The K-Tourmate’s Video