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JiWoong Park l Historical colorful Daegu city Tour Korea - MYTM
JiWoong Park l Historical colorful Daegu city Tour Korea - MYTM
JiWoong Park l Historical colorful Daegu city Tour Korea - MYTM
JiWoong Park l Historical colorful Daegu city Tour Korea - MYTM


JiWoong Park (23)


English, Korean


I’m 23 years old and now I study Computer Science in my University. Many people think that Computer Science majors are boring. But I am delicate and meticulous. I always try until I continue. And, when I’m smiling, I look really happy. When you travel with me, there will be a happy smile in your mouth.

Ideal type of tourmate

I want my tourmate to laugh and always have a positive mind. And I want to be a friend who wants to make real good memories with me.

Organized by JiWoong

Historical Colorful Tour

We will tour Korean Modern culture and history through murals.

First of all, Because the weather is so cold, we will eat warm fish cake(Odeng).  After, we take a look at the murals what is containing Korean Modern culture and old Jeil church. Then visit the Korean traditional medicine museum. The moment you enter the museum, you will smell the Korean medicine. The smell will not be forgotten.

After, We’ll go to lunch~. There is a famous restaurant on Daegu Modern Alley. It is a Korean-style restaurant called Café Moa. Of course, it also sells coffee. But we will eat Bossam. It is Korean traditional pork dish. It is very delicious. But it is a little expensive.

Visiting Daegu Shinsegae Department Store!

This tour course is a department store sightseeing.

First, we will have lunch at Salvatore Cuomo. I’ll order steak and pizza, but it’s a bit more expensive. But the taste is really good. I eat a lot from the beginning like this.

Next, we will have rice, then dessert. Dessert will be ice cream. On the basement level one, there is a famous ice cream shop named Amorinola.

Next, we will visit the aquarium and watch a marine performance.

After seeing the performance, you will be hungry, right? We are going to have a hamburger. It is on the 8th floor, and this hamburger is good enough to have appeared in Korean broadcasting program.

Finally, We will home after packing the baked cheese tarts in the basement level.

bibimbap and cold noodles
The power of Koreans is rice

We will go to a restaurant called ‘gaejeong’.
There are bibimbap and cold noodles in the menu.
My recommended menu is bibimbap.Not just bibimbap, this is Jeonju yukhoe bibimbap.

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