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YoonSeo Do l Busan Culture Tour with Tourmate - MYTM
YoonSeo Do l Busan Culture Tour with Tourmate - MYTM
YoonSeo Do l Busan Culture Tour with Tourmate - MYTM
YoonSeo Do l Busan Culture Tour with Tourmate - MYTM


YoonSeo Do (23)


English, Korean


Hi, guys~ I am so excited to be your tour mate I am a friendly and sociable person! Come to beautiful city Busan! Busan is the second biggest city in Korea. I want to hang out and go around beautiful seas with you ~ It will be unforgettable memory when you have some questions, plz contact me no hesitation!!
Let’s have Busan culture tour~!!!

Ideal type of tourmate

My ideal tour mate is sociable and people person!! I like talking so if you are talkative, that’s perfect❤ And also, I really like exchanging language and culture. Plz, let me know your culture, your language and yourself ~ Let’s make good memories together !! Ah Ma specialité est français ~ Je peux parler frainçais . Mais un peu Welcome to be my tour mate !! I am so excited Don’t hesitate to contact me ~

Organized by YoonSeo

busan korea
Busan is waiting for you. Let’s enjoy together!

My plan includes Gamcheon culture village and Nampo.
This tour will take you to the core attractions of Busan. Lately, Nampo and Gamcheon culture village are the most famous spot in Busan!!


Gamcheon culture village is an actual village where people live in there. In the early 2000s, this area was deprived areas. It was not clean and around that area, nothing was special. But In 2009, it was totally changed!! Tourism business has been started an environmental business and wall painting project.

EAT! EAT! EAT! Street Food in Jagalchi Market & Nampo, Busan - MYTM

We will go to “Jagalchi Market” and “Nampo-dong”. There are a lot of local foods and street foods and shopping places. Nampo is ‘hot spot’ in Busan. There are lots of great foods and also very close to Jagalchi market. There, you can meet fresh raw fish and seafood.

enjoying local foods (2)
Let’s make a memorable time eating great food!

This tour is just for enjoying local foods.
On the internet, There are a bunch of information about local food restaurants.
But you cannot be sure which one is real great one. Even Koreans who are visiting other cities have difficulty choosing a good place. That is the reason MYTM present this tour for tourists.


I have lived in Busan for 25 years. So I know well where fancy one is or which restaurants are treating cheaper food.

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