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ChaeEun Kim l Best beach in Busan city Tour Korea - MYTM
ChaeEun Kim l Best beach in Busan city Tour Korea - MYTM
ChaeEun Kim l Best beach in Busan city Tour Korea - MYTM
ChaeEun Kim l Best beach in Busan city Tour Korea - MYTM


ChaeEun Kim (23)


English, Korean


Hi~ I want to be a special tourmate for you. Let me introduce myself, I am a lot of laughter and kind. At first, I am not familiar with, I have a Quick friendly. I want to introduce you to beautiful places, And I want to leave a memorable experience tour with you. Thank you for your interest^^!

Ideal type of tourmate

Basically I think that good conversation, good laughter, and emotional control are necessary. I wish I could talk a lot about your & myself. I want to get memories together, and carry on a long relationship for a long time:)

Organized by ChaeEun

busan tour Korea
Do you want a best vi(ew) + (bea)ch in Busan?

This trip will be more interested in Busan. It is a travel to know about the city of the Beach of Busan. We will go Busan’s famous spot Haeundae Beach, Gwangan Beach. Haeundae is a place where people from all over the country gather when it is a vacation in Korea.


1. Enjoy the coffee while watching Gwangan beach.
2. Go shopping at Shinsegae Department Store in Centum, the biggest department store & duty-free shops in Busan.
3. We will visit the traditional market of Haeundae and eat dinner with street food.
4. Busan’s Best Hot Place to Visit the Bay 101. We have drinks and fish & chips at night view of Haeundae.

(Ulsan) Grand park Light Festival & Visiting night market

We watch light festival in Ulsan Grand Park which is the biggest park in Ulsan.
You can see a beautiful colorful light in the light festival, and you can also record a beautiful photo with a photo zone.

the night market in Seongnam-dong, where I can say it is the second city of Ulsan and eat street food. I have been there, and there are many delicious things.

We eat a delicious dinner together, The Dinner menu is a famous restaurant called Yonju Ramen. It’s a very famous place and a place for people to visit.

After Dinner, watch the night view of Ulsan and finish the trip by drinking coffee.

eat vegetables and pork
(Ulsan) If you come to Korea, You can try to eat vegetables and pork

There are famous restaurants in any country.
I would like to introduce Korean food that represents Korea.
Korean food is clean and has a lot of side dishes and nutrition.

The restaurant I would like to introduce is a Korean – style restaurant called ‘무영쌈밥’
I usually enjoy Korean food. Koreans often say that they live with the power of rice.
It is said that you have to wait a long time in busy times.
It has been broadcasted a number of times and is said to be famous.

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