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YoonHee Ji, Suwon

Yoonhee Ji | Korea Local tour Seoul with Tourmate - MYTM
Yoonhee Ji | Korea Local tour Seoul with Tourmate - MYTM
Yoonhee Ji | Korea Local tour Seoul with Tourmate - MYTM
Yoonhee Ji | Korea Local tour Seoul with Tourmate - MYTM
Yoonhee Ji | Korea Local tour Seoul with Tourmate - MYTM


YoonHee Ji (21)


English, Korean


– YoonHee Ji Korea Local tour in Seoul –

Hi:) I am Yoon Hee who loves traveling.

Just call me Yoon! I am lively and bright!

I really like giving energy to people around me. And I am an open person. I do not judge people easily and try to admit difference about cultures or languages. I often heard that “You’re cute” to my foreign friends.

I like talking as well. Through talking, I want to know more about each other.

I hope that everyone who meets me will be happy!

Ideal type of tourmate

I started this MYTM activity from one heart that loves travel. The most desired goal is making good memories for you.

I want to share the same feelings with you while eating tasty food, taking pictures, doing interesting activities and so on. Although I have not excellent verbal skills, but I’ll trust travel makes us connect beyond languages and cultures.

If you want to make good memories with me please contact me~!^_^

Organized by YoonHee

Time travel in Namsan Hanok Village!!

Namsan Hanok Village is the perfect place to relax and get away from the tired daily life! It is not crowded with people, and it is good to go for a walk compared to other Hanok villages. You can feel the sophistication of Hanok and the harmony of the building.

(Suwon) Let’s eat tripe casserole with sundae!!

Let’s eat tripe casserole with sundae! Do you know sundae and tripe? I’ll explain to you briefly about these.
First Sundae. it’s like a black pudding and beef tripe. Beef tripe is part of the intestines. It looks like a rubber hose but it doesn’t mean that it taste like a rubber as well. Once you taste it, you will love it! Next tripe. It is the first or second stomach of a cow or other ruminant used as food. This makes me feel chewy. Most of the people in Asia know sundae and tripe.



I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

  1. Rolinda Chan says:

    Hi Yoon! I saw your profile & I love it~
    I am planning to go Seoul from 4-9 August 2017 & I am looking to be Friend with friendly Korean people who are happy to bring me around and explore Korea and I would like to be Friend with you. 🙂

    • MYTM says:

      Hello, Rolinda
      Thank you for comment
      I send the information about YoonHee Ji, through e-mail.
      I hope you have a wonderful trip in Korea.
      Thanks a lot.

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