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Jiyoon Kim, Seoul

everything about hongdae shopping
everything about hongdae shopping
everything about hongdae shopping
everything about hongdae shopping
everything about hongdae shopping


Jiyoon Kim


English, Korean


Hi, guys! I’m Jiyoon Kim. And you can just call me Yunny~~~~ 😀
I’m looking for someone who would be my friend. I’m a university student. And my major is Media information.
I always have a smile that makes you happy. If you wanna feel my positive energy, just contact me.
I have many hobbies. I like dancing, traveling, listening to music and writing.
I’m an amateur waacking dancer. And I’ve been to UK, France, Netherland, Switzerland, Italy, Hongkong, Taiwan, Guam.
(Back in 2007 I’ve been to Austraila. But I was too young to remember that day haha)
If we have the same hobby, We can be a friend easily.
And especially I know lots of hot places in Seoul. So I can recommend you good places to go shopping or see the night view or eat Korean traditional food.
I really wanna travel with you and get to know you. Do not hesitate to contact me. Just be my friend 😛

Ideal type of tourmate

I don’t care about where you’re from, How old you are, What language you speak.
But I just want you a generous mind to understand my terrible English haha XP
we’re gonna be a good friend. thank you.

Organized by Jiyoon

hongdae dessert (
Hongdae “All in one” Tour (Shopping & Food& Photos); Everything about Hongdae shopping

You can experience the Korean young people’s culture in Hongdae. If you like shopping and food, Hongdae’s gonna be the best place for you. There are many clothing stores and Korean food restaurants. And I will recommend you ‘Minari restaurant’ It’s my favorite Korean restaurant and We will have Bulbaek. Bulbaek is Korean roasted pork meal. 😛 After lunch, we will walk along the Hongdae street and take an instant photo in the photo booth. And you will get that photo.

The K-Tourmate’s Video


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

  1. Hal scott wiley says:

    Jiyoon kim….i am 65, be traveling alone, was interested in you as tour guide, as you said it’s ok to be old…i be in Korea between Nov 10 and Dec 8 If you interested….scotty

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