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Guaranteed fun! Guaranteed photos! Guaranteed travel!
I always try to travel differently from others.
I think photography is especially important when traveling! I will take photo of your travels nicely. You are ready to do it with you at any time!

Ideal type of tourmate

If you want to enjoy Busan in a variety of ways, trust me! I will help you meet the new Busan you never felt before!
I will make a special trip to Busan, not a bored Busan trip!!

Organized by Jinwoong

Busan paragliding tour
3S (See at the Sea from the Sky)

(Busan paragliding tour) Paragliding can be difficult to progress depending on the weather. Please refer to this. Reservations must be made 3 to 4 days in advance to proceed paragliding. Busan paragliding tour has two types of courses. B course costs 100,000 won (flight time 10 minutes ~ 15 minutes). S course costs 130,000 won (flight time 15 ~ 20 minutes). The fee includes the video recording fee. It may end sooner than expected. After watching the sea from the sky, I go down to have dinner. Go to the sushi house where you can taste the sea and have a delicious dinner. (Raw Fish Bibimbap and maeuntang) After dinner, we go to the cable car in Songdo, after seeing the skywalk. Watch the sunset and take a cable car. After the cable car, our trip ends. 

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(Busan) Meet the Five Senses of the Ocean

You can not miss fish cake in the food you think you have in Busan! It’s not just to buy a fish cake for eating. You can make and experience yourself the fish cake.
I think it would be more meaningful if I ate my own fish paste. If you are interested, please contact me in advance. Because Reservations are full by the end of September. If you are not able to experience because there are a lot of reservations now, we will spend the time to see and taste various fish paste. If you have tasted, smelled and felt the sea, this is the time to watch and listen.v

The K-Tourmate’s Video


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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