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Hwajin Chung


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Hi guys, I’m Hwajin! I know it’s a little bit difficult to pronounce to you guys. So, I go by BRENDA or JIN! Just call me whatever you want. OK, let’s talk about me.
I’m a senior in university and I live in Busan. I have lived Texas for a year as an exchange student. As you know after checking my video, I’m crazy in traveling. Since I was born, my father is my best tourmate so far. He enjoys traveling in his youth. I guess I might have the same characteristic with him haha. Anyway! I have been traveling 22 countries so far. Both North and South America, Middle East, Europe, and absolutely Asia. During the traveling, I met so many kinds of people from everywhere. This experience makes me more outgoing and friendly. At the first time when I arrived abroad, I was so fearful of everything. Because I couldn’t speak English very well and I was traveling alone. However, I noticed that language was not a problem. Every moment makes my life more valuable. Sharing each other’s feeling and hanging out with people made us to be good friends. I BET I can be a cool friend to you guys.

Ideal type of tourmate

I’m NOT a picky person. Anyone who likes TRAVELING, EATING and LOCAL FEELING. Also, I want to have a continuous relationship.

Organized by Hwajin

busan temple tour
(Busan Temple Tour) Imagine a temple on the beach!

(Busan Temple Tour) Imagine a temple on the beach, how amazing it is? We are heading to the only one temple in the world which located nearby ocean. This temple was constructed in 1376, but it was destroyed by the war. So, it has been rebuilt. It is the one of popular tour attraction in Busan, so many foreigners are very interested in it. I bet you can experience a lot of Asian beauty. Before we take a look at the temple, I want to be a friend with you guys. For this, we’ll take a lunch together and have a talk. This is very helpful to know each other. I’m a local person, so I will give you a list included the best restaurant. 

(Busan) First, eating! After then, working out!

This time, it’s time to go to a Bridge on the Beach! Chungsapo has opend a bridge on the beach. First, Chungsapo beach is located at between Haeundae and Songjeong beach. This place is not crowded, so here is popular to Busan residents. In this silent beach, one of the beautiest bridge has built this August. It’s named Daritdol Observatory. We can see the beach at the transparent bridge. Also, here is wonderful place to see beach and have a delicious meal. Chungsapo has so many delicious restaurants that cook grilled clams. I think people who visit Busan need to eat this food. And I know the best restaurant in this area, so we can have a great dinner.

The K-Tourmate’s Video


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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