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“Be Korean with 1 minute” with My Hongkong Friend

Travel like Korean in Bukchon Hanok Village , Korean traditional cafe

With Hyunjeong Lee

Tin lok’ Review

炫炡 is a cheerful girl. She showed me around, had tea and dinner together. I feel comfortable with her and had lots of fun moments together!


Sunday, 22 Jan

I did my first tour with Hongkong friend!
It was very amazing and tense.
And i was worried because i came back from China before 1day. haha
But consequentially our tour was successful.
Actually our conversations were so short. haha
After we talked with KakaoTalk:-D
We met at Anguk station(Orange line number 3).

Bukchon Hanok Village

According to plan, we went to “Bukchon Hanok Billage.”
That day was so so cold..21 Jan, really really heavy snow.
So i was worried the road.. And cold. Because my place have a lot of slope.
But in Bukchon Hanok Billage, already people cleaned up the snow!
We walked to first spot!
But Sunday.. A lot of shopss were closed.
We walked along the traditional houses.
Because of the snow, the traditional houses were more picturesque~!!
This is the last spot and the most beautiful place in Bukchon Hanok Village.
In here we wanted to taking a pictures together, so I asked to someone.

When she took a picture, she told us “Sky is so clear! so your picture is so nice!”

We didnt know before she told, haha.

Thanks to the sky, we get nice pictures:)
Like this We went around the Bukchon Hanok Village.

We wanted to go inside a lot of diverse houses.

But almost they were closed..

I thought that Sunday is not suitable to go around a lot of shops.

Korean Traditional Cafe

After we saw all spots, we went to “Korean traditional cafe”.

In this cafe, we talked a lot of story. haha.

We could become more intimate.

We talked about Hongkong, China and our experience.

I think, really this is not just “tour”.

We can hear and understand and imagine another country people and cultures.

Especially im studying about China and i lived in China, So this tour was very valuable!!

Before i met him, actually i didnt know what we have to talk. haha

But it was my an idle fear 🙂

But paradoxically we used English. haha. Not Chinese:)

So funny.

Gwangjang Market

After a few break time, we went to “Gwangjang Market” at 5 pm.

From Bukchon Hanok Village cafe to Anguk station, we walked.

But, actually I lost the way. haha haha.

We laughed a lot. I dont know why,,  I went to the opposite way.

Fortunately we arrived at the station and we took a subway~

First, i wanted to show this place.

And after i recommended some kind of foods.

Finally, we chose Tteokbokki, Korean sausage, Pigs’ feet!

With Tteokbokki and Pigs’ feet, we took a picture~

I recommeded the Sliced Raw Octopus. But we didn’t eat, haha.

When I studied in China, a lot of my foreigner friends asked me.

“What is it!! surprised!”

He was also surprised, haha.

But this is so strange.. so we didn’t try!

After we ate foods, we went to the another restaurant for eating “Bindaetteok(Mung-bean pancake)”

With Bindaetteok, we drank the Korean traditional alcohol “Makgeolli(Rice wine)”

When we drink this alcohl, we use the cup like that in the picture!

When we were eating, our conversations were never stoped! haha.

Really this tour means a great deal to me.
Actually 1 days is so short, but this is enough to become good friend!
And through this relations, i want to connect long time.
And i also will go to the Hongkong again~ It was so funny and unique experience:)

Thank you my friend~


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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