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Travel with Christin in Hongdae

Travel Hongdae Board game cafe

With Hyein Jung

Hi! I’m MYTM tourmate Hyein. Today, I hung out with my mate ‘Christin’ 🙂 
I received her message on yesterday morning and We met on today.

Eating Dakgalbi

First, We had lunch! It is ‘Dakgalbi’ and too much ^_^;
We were supposed to eat ‘Bokkumbab’
we were too full to eat Bokkumbab T_T .. But It was so delicious 😀

Walking along wall painting streets

Next, we strolled along wall painting streets!!
It is very quiet and not crowded place. Unfortunately, Today was rainy all day T_T
We took pictures each other 😀
She used up her cell phone battery. So I took a picture, using mine.
If It weren’t rainy, It could be better… TT… My socks were wet. 

Friend’s playground

Our last course is board game cafe.
Here is ‘친구네 놀이터’! (Friend’s playground)
We took a rest in here.
There were a lot of Korean old snacks like 쫀드기, 꾀돌이, 아폴로… 😀
It reminded me of my youth memories.
When I was in elementary school, They were my favorite snacks. 
We tried them one by one!
Christin like ‘아폴로’ most and she took some of them 😀 
We also made Dalgona by ourselves. But It was failed ^^;; I don’t know What was wrong….. TT
We played various board game like Genga, Hally Gally, Omok, and that game (I don’t know that game’s name…)
It was so fun!and I recommended one application.
It’s snow! It is famous for selfie camera app. We took selfies, changing our faces.  
I had a good day with Christin today! It was really really great experience to me 🙂
I wasn’t good at English. But she tried to understand my words and considered me.
So We can communicate easily. I really appreciate for her. ^_^
Thanks for reading my text!

I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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