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Be sure to give these pet cafe Gangnam a visit. with Yikho

pet cafe Gangnam

With WooHyang Yim

Yik ho’ Review

Ellenas tour is very interesting.
I got to see the largest Kakao shop, eat samgyeopsal and visit a cat cafe.
It was my first time visiting a cat cafe and it was a really good experience thanks to Ellena!
Shes very kind and friendly. Definitely recommend her tour 👍🏻


I met Yikho at Gangnam station exit 11 outside. He is a Hollander.

Before the trip began, I arrived at the place of engagement. But he is already arrived there. So we start on a tirp at 1:20 pm!

I took a picture of him at the photo zone. There is a scene from my video.

Kakaofriends shop

And we first went to the Kakaofrieds shop.
(On this day, we wore the same striped tee. kk)
I told him the story of the character and he was very interested.

It rained on that day. but we could avoid the rain because my tour is usually indoors activities.

Korean BBQ

And we went lunch, I teaching him how to wrap Samgyeopsal!
The most Korean way of eating Samgyeopsal is make a wrap with a vegetable.

Korean people call this “Ssam”.

Pet Cafe Gangnam

And he wanna go to the cat cafe!
He told today is his first visited the pet cafe! so I gave him some notice on the way to the cafe.
When we arrived at the cat cafe, I told him cat’s Korea names ^^

And one of the cat is sat on his lap.

And we had a great time !

Thank you for Yikho choose my route, And I was very happy to travel with you!

I never forget this tour! don’t forget to call me when you are again come to Korea!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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