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Tteokbboki Tour with Nat

sindangdong tteokbboki tour

With YuSeon Byeon

Nahtahhlee’ Review

유선 is an amaaazing tourmate and friend, Im really glad to have met her!
She is so friendly and I was super comfortable with her from the minute we met! 😌💕
Shes also a lot of fun! hehehe!!
Thank you so much for the tour and for all the new memories weve made together! ✨💖 I highly recommend her tour!
I will miss you! ㅠㅠ Please keep in touch~
and dont forget to call me when you are ever in Singapore! 😉💓


( Tteokbboki tour) I met Nat at Sindang Station Exit 2

On the way to eat Tteokbboki, we took a picture like a twin >_<

After we get there, we focused on eating.

So, I don’t have picture hahahaha.


After we ate, we walked on foot to DDP to look around.

While looking around, we knew that the Pixar exhibition was being held.

So, we visited and talked about the movies.

Jangchungdan Park

And then, We went to Jangchungdan park to feel nature and history.

I introduced park and Shilla hotel to her. She listened attentively.

Taegeukttang Bakery

Last of my course, Taegeukttang Bakery.

we chose 4 breads of all the bread and ate.

While eating, we shared each other’s culture.


After my tour end, we wanted to play more.

So, I introduced to her pub called WARAWARA.

I work part time there.

Last, we went to karaoke. We sang pop&K-pop together.

For about 8 hours, we spent day meaningfully! 🙂

I hope we meet again!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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