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My First Unforgettable Shopping Tour Seoul with Keanu

Unforgettable Shopping Tour Seoul

With KilHyun Kim

Keanu’ Review

although my time was limited and having jet lag during our tour, I enjoyed every moment with him..
He let me decide what to do or to go next, which is great.. best moment is when we attempted to hike to Namsan Tower.


Keanu was my first tour mate for my shopping tour course! 

He is from Canada and he transferred to the Incheon airport. 

So this Stop-over travel in Seoul is his first Korea traveling so he was so excited about it. 

He arrived in ICN airport about 6:00 PM and we met in Hoehyeon Station on subway line no.4 about 8:10 PM. 

He had a hand luggage so we went to Myeongdong station at first for using a locker service. 

Then he said he was so hungry so we went to the super famous restaurant in Myeongdong for taking a super famous noodle!

The weather was hot on that day and our noodle was also hot so it was a hot day for us but definitely the taste of the noodle was awesome! 

Keanu really liked it so I was very good too!   

After taking a late dinner, we started shopping!


We went to the cosmetic store at first for enjoying K-beauty shopping.

(Korean cosmetic goods have great quality with reasonable price! That’s why many foreigners love them I think) 

Then we went to nice clothing store for enjoying K-fashion shopping. 

Keanu really liked this place because I explained about many Korean designers and their clothes so Keanu bought one Korean designer’s sleeveless top for the reasonable price! 

Actually we wanted to do shopping more but unfortunately, it was too late for enjoying shopping because most stores started to close after 10:00 PM. 

So we walked to Myeongdong Cathedral which is the most famous and important cathedral in Korea.

Night View of Seoul

Then Keanu really wanted to go to Namsan tower because he saw the Namsan tower in Korean drama one time.

So we walked to Namsan tower for enjoying the night view of Seoul.

It was not enough time to go to the top of the Namsan tower but I know the hidden spot for enjoying the night view of Seoul near Namsan Tower.

So we went to the hidden night view spot and Keanu really liked it because it was quite and the view was awesome.

So we talked for a while with enjoying the night view.

Then we came back to Myeongdong station for taking the last train to the ICN airport.

It was not so long time for us but we enjoyed enough for short time so it was really nice and we promised to see again in Korea or Canada!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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