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Let’s enjoy together in Gamcheon Culture Village Busan with Jason

Gamcheon Culture Village Busan and try raw fish

With Yoonseo Do

Jason’ Review

Had the best tour of Busan possible with Yoonseo 1 week ago.
Her tour took us first to Gamcheon cultural village, followed by gwangalli beach for a traditional Korean dinner involving raw fish and live octopus, topped off by a nightlife tour of the bustling seomyeon district.
Every part of the tour was interesting and well handled by friendly Yoonseo and her equally delightful friend who tagged along.
I would gladly recommend Yoonseo and any of her 5-star tours if you’re looking for a rich and engaging experience in Busan!


This time was my third tour !! 

My tour mate Jason is from singapore.

Even though he is working at Jinjoo right now, this was his first time in Busan!!

Gamcheon Culture Village Busan

We went to Gamcheon culture village. 

And that day, unfortunately the concentration of fine dust was crazy.

So we don’t want to spend much time outside. 

We looked around fast and took a picture. 

He looks like a professional camera man. lol 

I invited my friend who is lovely and energetic to hangout with.

Jason since he is also friendly and out-going person, we can get together perfectly right after meeting.

And cause he brought his car we could move without problem!!

Raw Fish

We went to Gwanganri! And eat fresh raw fish. A variety of side dish as well.

There were a lot!! Especially chewy, savory alive octopus.

We enjoyed it much haha.

We also got Injeolmi ice flake which is super great ice flake in the world .


And finally we went to pub and grab beer and cocktail.

We had sooooo great time together.

Next time, we might meet again because he is working in korea!

Thank you for being my tour mate jason.

I hope you enjoyed this tour.


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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