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Play in Hongdae with Jackson’s Couple

With Yonghoon Lee

I received a message from MYTM on the Tuesday of last week, It’s first message from foreigner.

He asked me that If I have the time on Wednesday.
I didn’t have any appointment, so I promptly agreed on that!
We became friends and exchanged messages on facebook.
They are couple from hawaii, I saw their pictures on facebook, they looked so happy.
I practiced hard what I’ll say the night before.
I went to Hongdae one hour early to check the way to go to the restaurant and karaoke.
Although I did my best, I was so nervous because It’s first time.
And finally we met at hongdae station. They greeted me and had a hearty laugh!!

Their first impression was so good!

Chicken & Soju

We went to the restaurant we had chosen, but it’s packed(It doesn’t permit a reservation).
because we like chicken, so we went to a chicken restaurant instead. 
We ordered two chicken and soju.
They wanted to drink fruit soju, so we drank grapefruit and blueberry soju. 

I was glad to see them liking fruit soju. We talked so much about tour, family, song, hobby and so on…



And we went to karaoke at second round!! I and Jackson like sing songs, so we extended time to sing songs more.
And we received service time a lot, so we could sing songs more than an hour.
At first, we sang songs turn and turn about, and Jackson suggested singing together first.
So we searched songs that both knew. We sang Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’, ‘Someone like you’, and The Beatles’s ‘Yesterday’, ‘Let it be’.
And we sang Maroon5’s ‘One more night’ at final song.
It’s so fun and interesting to sing songs with foreigner. And I was good to hear that I was good at singing!
I received good energy from them and It’s nice experience!

I promised to meet them when I go to Hawaii! I wanna go to hawaii!!!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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