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K-pop dance tour with Bryan

Do you like Korean idols & dance? K-pop dance tour Seoul Korea - MYTM

With Daseul Kim

Bryan’ Review

It was such a great experience to dance with Daseul!
She is friendly, talkative and really willing to teach you wholeheartedly!!! Omgg…what a perfect tourmate😂
Initially…well…as a complete dancing beginner, I was quite worried about my dancing skills, and how are we suppose to use our second language to communicate (especially for those professional dancing terms)!
But after meeting Daseul, you know you actually need not worry about those stuff!
When I don’t have sufficient time to practice, she just instantly booked an extra hour for me to build my confidence up in those dance moves;
When we can’t really understand each other, she would just try her very best to use her body language…google translate… or whatever ways she can think of to explain!
And whats more is she don’t just teach about dancing, but also sharing you the Korean Culture!
When we were having lunch next to Han River, she grabs the chances to introduce me whatever she knew…hahaha…even the drinking songs and games!
We have had so much fun together and I am really glad to become her tourmate… and I do treat her as my lifelong friend abroad now hahahha😂
I would really like to take the chance here to recommend Daseul as your tourmate!
She would definitely bring you an unforgettable memory and I guess you will never regret to join her tour!


Bryan is from Hongkong and energetic, active!

I’m afraid of my first tour because of language TT

But while we practiced and had a talk with Bryan, we are friends! tour mates!

Our promised time is 4 hours, but our meeting time is 8 hours!

Very exciting time and I like Bryan to be a tour mate.

We met at Sadang practice room.

Our practice’s reservation time is 2 hours, but we think that that’s not enough time to practice, so we practice 3 hours!

Han River

After we practice, we started to go at Han River.

Very nice weather and people, and nice Han river view! perfect.

We ate Han River Ramen! I like it and Bryan is surprised at that.

And talked with him in a long time (1h 30m)

Finally, we film a video with Jay Park – All I wanna do refilm, refilm, refilm! we are trying to be a perfect video.

After 10 times, we are satisfied and smiling.

Do you like Korean idols & dance? K-pop dance tour Seoul Korea - MYTM

Do you like Korean idols & dance? K-pop dance tour Seoul Korea - MYTM

Do you like Korean idols & dance? K-pop dance tour Seoul Korea - MYTM

That’s amazing experience in my life.

I’m lucky to meet Bryan as Tour mate. because he is nice and understand about my language skill.

I love tourmate!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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