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Jamsil Local Tour with Sevde from Turkey

Jamsil Tour with Local in Korea

With Seonghyeon Han

Sevde’ Review

It was the first time to go to 오락실 in Korea.
Even if I lose the game, it was funny. And also it was nice to walk near the seokcho lake.
I recommend to walk on there on April(sakura trees😉).
I ate some snacks of Korea and the best was deokbokki!
Also thanks to Han Ive learned some hanja characters. He was nice tourmate!


I had a second tour with Sevde from Turkey. 

She has been in Korea for around 6 months for exchange student.
She is majoring in Korean so we spoke Korean during the whole tour.
It was fun that hang out with foreign traveler speaking Korean.

Lotte World Mall

We enjoyed window shopping and traditional street in Lotte World Mall.
There are some attractions in Lotte World Mall. Street with 80’s style, figure shop etc..

Seokchon Lake

Weather was very nice.
It was warm and sunny so that we could enjoy the Seokchon lake very much.
Thanks to sunny day, we could see the Lotte World – one of the most popular amusement park in Korea- clearly.

Even we used camera app for sticker photo LOL. Strolling the lake was full of peace and happy.

Try tteokbokki

She told me she had tried to eat Tteokbokki once and it was bit difficult to eat.
But she tried one more time during tour. So we ordered one with cheese and fortunately she liked it.

We ordered Gimbab and Fish cake too and cleared all of them.


Arcade was her favorite part of my tour. She liked coin karaoke and Tekken fighters most.
It was very interesting that she loved 90’s and early 2000’s Korean Song.
I asked her that why do you like those songs than trendy K pop and she told me the lyrics from older songs are better for her.

We finished tour at Jamsil sae-nae station.

Though we spent more time than schedule to travel, she sad it was good.
During the tour, I told her about the relationship between Chinese character and Korean.
Because she was a Korean language major student!
With some examples of using Chines character in Korean, she felt interesting about it.

The tour was nice! Hope she liked it and keep this in her Korean memory ^^


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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