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Itaewon street tour with Raneem :)

Itaewon street tour with Korean local friend! |

With Donguk Moon

Raneemg’ Review

I totally recommend Jay for tours.
He is very flexible and I really mean that.
I had to change our meeting time and place many times due to circumstances and he was so understanding.
Hes so friendly. Hes friend also joined the tour which made the tour even more fun.
Dont hesitate to book his tour. I know you wont regret it 😄

Itaewon, Halal food

First we met in itaewon station at 8.
She had program on afternoon so we adjusted our tour.
So we did ate dinner, looked around street and drank coffee with chitchat : )

She came from Saudi Arabia, so we were going to ate halal foods.

We ate chicken sandwich, Platters with coke.

While we ate dinner, we talked about our major 🙂

I and my friend majored in urban design & planning, she majored in industrial engineering iked university mates.

Vietnam Street

After ate dinner, we looked around itaewon street.
We looked around vietnam street and main street that called world culture foods street.
When we moved to vietnam street, we talked same about ‘why is this street called vietnam street’.

So we said just government stuff wanna do something.

After looked around vietnam street, we moved to main street called world culture foods street.

There had really lots of different country’s foods and we took picture in front of fountain pub that most beatuiful place in itaewon 🙂
My friend took picture for us, he had really bad skill.
So we coudn’t recognize our face….

After looked around itaewon, we moved to cafe that called to the different

And we talked about saudi arabia, korea about two country’s culture, and recommend places to go, education system, trend, clothes etc.

At that time, I and my friend learned really much.

And job done 🙂

We lead to subway station and said how to get to the hotel.

Say goodbye to each. See ya raneem. If you have any chance see ya then.

Thank you.


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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