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My first tour with Sara. Delicious coffee, and free talking!

Free talking Korean and have a coffee in Hongdae

With Duri Kim

Sara’ Review

I met Connie on a Wednesday, after having had to change our first meeting. I booked her tour after having experienced what sharing a coffee was with another tourmate. She took me to one of her favourite places, which is a Fair Trade Cafe!

Everything looked so nice inside, and the coffee was as great as well. We decided to play Jenga, as there were many games to choose from; although the conversation stopped us from doing so. We were getting to know each other!
We went upstairs to enjoy our coffee and Connie shared many aspects of her life with me.
I loved how passionate she was about showing me her life moments; and through her laptop I saw pictures of her travels and family. During the conversation, we talked about vloggers and we connected more!
I am happy to say that although that day I had not slept properly, Connie dealt with me so nicely.
She kept the conversation going and we connected through things that we have in common.
I believe that every person is a world, and Connie had many things to share from her own!
After this meeting, we have kept in touch and met again.
I hope I was as great of a tourmate as she was for me! I am glad that I made such a good friend that day 🙂


Delicious coffee, and free talking Korean!

Hello! I’m Connie, Korean University student.

I’m a tourmate at Seoul, Korea.

My tour name is Delicious coffee, food and Free Talking.

My first tour mate was Sara from Spain!

She is really cute and kind.

She wanted meet me at  January, 25th.

So we met at that day and talked about many things.

And also I brought my lap top, watched some Youtube videos about international cultures.

After that day, because of changing Kakao-talk account, we could talk each other.

So we also met again at Feb, First.

First we ate some bulgogi, gamed at arcade, and also drunk some beer at near by Hongik univ. station.

And also we met some other guys at Thursday Party, gamed dart and beerpong, and also danced together!

It was a really amazing time with Sara.

I will always remember that time.


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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