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First tour with tangracias in Seonyudo Park!

Seonyudo Park and Insadong ssamjigil

With Yoojin Shin

Tangracias’ Review

Shinyoojin is a really nice girl! She’s so funny and cheerful! You won’t get bored if you become her tourmate, I really love her!
She took me to good places and talk to me all day long.
We had a good food, thanks to her! I’m looking forward to having another tour with her ❤️


Hi I’m Yoojin Shin!

I had a first tour with tangracias in Seonyudo Park and Insadong Ssamjigil!

Her name is tangracias from Indonesia. She is really funny, cute and lovely.

She also loves Korea!

Chopped Noodles

As soon as we met, we ate the chopped noodles with shellfish!

It was very tasty, but we could not eat it all.

After lunch, we went to the park!

Seonyudo Park

It was so nice to take pictures in there because the weather was too good.

I presented her Polaroid. She loved it very much!!!!

After the tour, She hoped to visit somewhere!

So we went to Insadong!

Insadong ssamjigil

I was a good photographer!

She praised me for taking good pictures.

We spent more money on photography than we ate!

But we were very satisfied.

I ate delicious things and drank a good tea.

We also talked a lot in the cafe.

Before the trip, I was worried a lot because it was my first tour! But it was really fun!!!!

It is coooool that we can meet new friends through English!! 

I really want to meet friends soon!



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