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Fantastic Walmido Island Travel with Priciliac

Walmido island travel around Incheon China Town

With Hyojin Kim

Hi, I’m Hyojin Kim. My tour is Walmido Island travel, and we went to China town, mural village and Walmido Island.
I’d got the messages from some people before, but I couldn’t tune up schedule.So it was my first tour with Priciliac.
14:00 p.m. Meeting at Incheon station (blue line)


China Town

We talked about something walking in China Town. But it was so hot, we moved fast to the restaurant for lunch. 
We wanted to eat various food, so ordered dumpling and jajangmyeon (black-bean-sauce noodles)
She wanted to eat the dumpling. We ate almost all because it was more delicious than our expectation.


Fairytale Village (mural village)

We traveled with Media team from MYTM to make the video! so some pictures are screenshot 😀
We walked to Fairytale Village. It took about 5 min! We arrived in the village and it was time to take pictures 🙂
Actually, Priciliac doesn’t like small and cute things, we spent time talking and walking. Anyway, it was funny!



Walmido Island

And then we arrived in Walmido Island. I wanted to ride on ‘Discopangpang’ as soon as arrived.
But foreigners can’t understand what DJ of discopangpang say. so Priciliac suggested riding on Viking. (the pirate ship)
I really thought over and over… maybe you can see only my crown of the head on the video.


After riding on Viking, we bought saewookkang(shrimp snack)
It is the snack that seagull like. Um.. I think Seagull is a genius. They sensed that we would feed just looking at snack envelope.
And it was little scary because they are so big. 



I spent time with Priciliac as if I had traveled! We took a seat together. talked and had selfie time 😀


taking a picture together!


“I don’t feel scared, plz “


I saw that some kids went on the rides…But it was scared… We shake our hair like a rock band on the rides.
She wanted to take a rest so we went to the cafe ‘Angelinus coffee’



I ordered yogurt and she ordered latte. And we had selfie time, again 😀


Our tour was finished at the bus stop.


Actually, I had thought I feel awkward in this tour, but it was “Full of laugh”
And Walmido is far from my home, so I was concerned about deleting the tour.
But I think over, traveling with foreigner friends is so excited and funny.
Although I had muscular ache for 3 days, I believe I will accustom riding!
MYTM is distinctly nice company! They give the chance we find happiness through the travel!!

I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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