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Experience of Tradition & Culture in Jongro! with Natalie

Experience Korean Culture in Jongro(Gwangjang Market)

With Yeji Sim

Natalie’ Review

I had such an amazing time with Yeji! 😍
I got to experience so many new things and I am so thankful for all the new memories weve made together.
Yeji is extremely friendly, kind and patient!! 💕💕 I had such a fun time with her, and I hope that we meet again in the future! ☺️
Im gonna miss youuuuu~~~ please call me when you come to Singapore! 😘


Last Wednesday, I met my tourmate Natalie from Singapore.

She was super active and friendly girl!! It was my first tour so I was a little bit nervous but excited!

We met at Jongro 5ga station, exit 8. And we experience Korean Culture in Jongro(Gwangjang Market)!

Gwangjang market

My tour started with Gwangjang market.
Already beyond the lunchtime, we went to have lunch right away.
We ate delicious raw beef, bibimbap and shared interesting stories about each other.
After lunch, we took a look at the Gwangjang market, and Natalie bought souvenirs for her friends.
And we also visited a vintage clothing shop on the upstairs of the Gwangjang market.

We did shopping and bought some clothes.

Chnaggyeong palace

After looked around the market, we headed to Chnaggyeong palace
At that time, I suddenly forgot where to take the bus.
The weather was so hot, so I felt so sorry for her walking around for a while.
Arrived at Changgyeong Palace, we strolled inside the palace and garden.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t watch the greenhouse because of repair work.

Green tea Ice Flake

Finally we moved to Hyehwa station and ate green tea ice flake.

And then my tour was finished.

My tourmate was so funny and interested in Korean culture.

That made me so excited. I felt like traveling with a friend who I had known for so long time.

I hope my tour will be a happy memory for her too.


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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