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First Tour with Lara at City Hall & Deoksu Palace

Deoksu-Palace and Seoul City hall, Two types of Seoul - MYTM

With Miryu

lalill’ Review

I booked the Deoksu-palace tour with mi-ryu and had a really good time.
First we had lunch, then a look around Seouls main library, then we visited the Seoul City Hall and afterwards we went to Deoksu-palace. In the end we had cold drink which mi-ryu recommended (it was really delicious!) and walked along the wall of Deoksu-palace.
Mi-ryu is a really good tour guide I can only recommend.
Her English is fine, at least we never had a problem communicating.
Mi-ryu knew the spots she showed me very well and has been at for example Deoksu-palace several times beforehand.
She gave me lots of interesting information and could even answer all my questions.
In addition to that the tour was planned out really well without missing flexibility.
We found things to talk about and things we had in common quite quickly and therefore had lots of fun.
Mi-ryu is a happy and cute girl. At the beginning she was insecure about her English but since she is an open and lively person it didnt really influence our communication.
I would always book her as a tour mate again.
Thank you for the good time, Mi-ryu!
You did a great job. 🙂


Hello, Everyone~!

I did my first tour at City hall & Deoksu Palace with Lara from Germany!!

Kimchi Noodles

First, We ate lunch at ‘Kimgane’
She loves Kimchi very much so We ate Kimchi noodles

We had nice lunch together!

Deoksu-Palace and Seoul City hall, Two types of Seoul - MYTM

Seoul City Hall

And we moved city hall!
We look around Seoul library and city hall.
Lara was interested in these place!
We look around city hall’s the historic sites specifically.

And I was surprised that she knows Korea’s history very well.

Deoksu-Palace and Seoul City hall, Two types of Seoul - MYTM

Deoksu Palace

And we moved Deoksu Palace.
We watched gatekeeper alternating ceremony.
And we look around Deoksu Palace.
Lara wondered about Deoksu palace’s buildings and history.
So I did my best to explain about this!

And we had photo time at Deoksu palace!

Deoksu-Palace and Seoul City hall, Two types of Seoul - MYTM

And we walked along Deoksu Palace’s stonewall way.

We talked very happily and had a great time!!
Lara is very happy and lovely person.
So I can tour excitingly!

Thank you for the tour with me!  


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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