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We took a movie in Busan (Sam&Bella)

(Busan tour) Make Korean Friend in Busan!

With Yoonseo Do

Sam’ Review

I went on a tour with Yoonseo around the Gamcheon culture village and Nampo.
Yoonseo is a thoughtful tour guide with a bubbly personality and made lots of effort to make the tour memorable.
After exploring Gamcheon we had dinner at a great restaurant that she had researched and made a reservation at, with a beautiful view!
We talked a lot about life in Korea compared to my home and many other things like politics in our countries.
My tour was very memorable and made my trip to Busan special~ I will never forget it.


We met on first march! Beautiful day in Busan!

My tour mate sam, he is from London, England!!

It was actually my first time to meet person who comes from Enlgland.

So I was quite nervous because of prononciation difference with american accent!!

I was so excited at the same time cause england accent sounds very sexy.

Gamcheon Culture village

He wanted to go to gamcheon culture village.
The price is a little bit higher than others.
Because it includes lental fee of hanbok which is traditional cloth of korea.
You see?? you see??
Hanbok is perfect for him.
It looks really good on you sam!
It makes him looked more attractive.

We took a lot of pictures.

In my opinion, picture is the only thing that we have and help us bring back to memories in the future.
Sam, he is very shy guy. lollol
So I told him “Don’t worry I am outgoing person.”

But to be honest,  I was worried in my heart . lol ( now I can say sam ㅋㅋㅋ)

I don’t need to be worried. He is getting comfortable and opened his mind!!
And we taught each other.  lol it was so funny.

Having dinner and coffee

We ate raw fish.

I made a reservation in advance and every food was super cool.

After having dinner, we went to coffee shop and talked a lot.
We had a deep conversation with respect to Brexit, north korea, trump and so on.
It was very interesting knowing each other’s opinion.
SAM, I appreciate you being my tour mate.
Let’s meet again someday.
I will visit london in no time!

I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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