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After the tour, I became a friend of Jason and Jessy!!

Busan nampodong tour

With JeongMin Lee

Jessy’ Review

I feel so very blessed to have found your website!
It is a fantastic way to expedience Korea while making a new friend. Thank you!
Not only did I go on an actual tour every tour mate that I contacted about a tour responded (though they could not make it), & gave me advice about the great sights to see in Busan. Everyone is incredibly kind & friendly, & I really appreciate that!
Jeongmin & her boyfriend Jong Pil were the ultimate tour mates! They are both sweet, attentive, knowledgeable, & super fun 😁.
I had a blast experiencing Busan through their eyes.
They helped to make my time in Busan special & memorable.
I will not soon forget Jeongmin & Jong Pil. Kamsahamnida!!!


Yeah!!! This was my first tour. 

Two days after registering the course, I contacted two people!! The more the merrier~

And I brought my boyfriend! He is majoring in tourism. 

He knows well about Busan more than me. And He wants to learn conversational English! So, We prepared the tour together~

My tourmate was “Jessy” and  “Jason” 

Jessy was reserved my tour first. And then, Jason wanted to join, so we toured together~ 

Before the tour, I prepared some maps for them!

I receive it from the Tourist Information Center. It’s very close to BIFF road~!

Lotte Department store

I & my boyfriend and Jessy met in front of the Lotte Department store.

Inside the department store, You can see the largest indoor fountain show in the world!

The show was introduced to the Guinness Book of Records.

We watched a fountain show together!!

And then, We met Jason! 

He drove from Hwacheon to Busan!

He came to see us immediately without going to the hotel!!

He was on a business trip to Korea and come to Busan to relax~

And Jessy is a lawyer. She came to Korea to find a job.

And came to Busan to travel!

After the fountain show, We went to see the night view in the rooftop park in Lotte.

The night view was Fantastic!!

We could see all the tourist attractions!!

And We looked down at Busan at a glance.

But, the weather was cold and sooooo windy!!

Jason told me that it felt like going skydiving!

I’ve never been skydiving, but I could empathize with it.

So that’s why my friend’s hair is disheveled in the photo.

Pork Belly

And then, We ate Pork Belly~

It was so good!!! We could eat not just the pork belly.

We ate various kinds of pork meat. Such as pork neck, pork skin and so on!

And My boyfriend roasted meat well!

So, the meat taste was so nice!

I taught them how to eat pork belly in Korean.

Jessy and Jason ate well!!

I was so happy to see them eating well!!!

After eating, We took pictures together in the restaurant.


We ate Korean pancake for dessert.

The special thing is that the pancakes are filled with seeds.

Every time you chew pancake, you feel crispy and savory~

You can enjoy the pancakes only in Busan Nampodong!!

And Jessy really liked it!!!

It look so nice~

I want some more~!

And then, We went to Night market!

I could not take pictures because my phone was dead..

And the tour was finished!!

But!! Jessy came to see me when I work!!

I work part-time at a juice store on weekends.

I was so happy to see her again!!!!

Jagalchi Market

After finishing work, I went to Jagalchi market with Jessy.

Not a tour!! We are already friends!!

I was so sweaty and disheveled because of my work..

So, I got ugly in the photo..!!

But, Jessy was so nice~ I love her clothes~ 

The picture of fish market~

And I received a letter from her.

Jessy lives in Miami. She wrote a letter on a postcard purchased from Miami.

I was so happy to travel with Jessy and Jason.

And the first tour was really successful!!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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