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Beautiful night scene in Hyehwa with Sean

Beautiful night scene Hyehwa Seoul

With JiHyun Yoo

When I uploaded my tour with some worries that there will be no contact from others, I got some messages from people! 

So last week(2017.4.16) on sunday, I had my first tour with Sean from Singapore.

He came to Korea with his brother for 6days before he goes to army.

He was sweet and kind! He even brought me chocolate for the present (which I loved!!)


We met up in Hyewha subway station at exit 2!

We noticed each other even he had hair cut! He was same as the picture! 

There was a lot of buskings around there, since it was weekend! So we sat down and watched it for a while.


After that, we tried Korean handmade sweet called “Dalgona”!

We were so concentrated on it, so I forgot to have picture of it 🙁

We failed to make the shape of rabbit :-0… But I talked Sean that I never saw a person who succeeds!(Really)

After that, we ate Takoyaki from a lot of food stalls. 

He gave me some and, I ate 3 out of 7.!

It was like Sean taking me to tour ! 🙂 Thanks, Sean!

Then, we went to the cafe called ‘Hyehwarang’ which is remolded “hanok(Korean traditional house)”.

He gave me present here! It was chocolate that I love! He really gave me a lot of things;; So impressed and how thoughtful he is.!!

We talked about Korea and Singapore and each other’s experience. We also played games, that play with hands! 

It was similar to Korean traditional game called ‘chopsticks’. 

He was really good at it, so I lost every game. And tried another game with phone, but failed again.

Baseball game

We talked a lot !

He had a lot of interest at sports, and want to try baseball game so we went to do it!

At baseball game, he hit a lot! 

It is hard for first triers to hit it like that but he was really good at it!

Also, he was interested in basketball game, and tried it!(Actually, he talked me, he did it a lot)

I’d never seen a person who does really good at basketball..! He was really good at it.

Couldn’t see his hand moving..!

Naksan Park

And we went to Naksan Park!

It was a little bit steep for me but he was so relaxed since he does a lot of sports like MMA.

It was beautiful up there and Sean really liked it too! 🙂

We said goodbye~ around 10:45!

After our trip, we kept contact by Kakao talk until he went back to Singapore! 🙂

And we will keep contact each other! 

We promised to do tour each other next time! 

I tried a lot to recommend good places to  Sean and I hope he liked it!

Hope to see you again Sean :-)!! I’ll try my best on my exams..!

It was really good time with Sean! And happy to meet him again soon!


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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