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(Yeongdeungpo) Chillin in Times Square!

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I’m yeonjoo from Seoul. Actually, my hometown is the island named Jindo. Have you heard about it? Now, I’m living in Seoul because of my uni. I’ve wanted to have foreign friends all the time since I started learning English. That’s why I’m here! I like to travel and talking with strangers. Send me a message and let’s take a trip with me!


2 hrs 30mins


Entertainment / Food



First, Times Square / Shopping

You know what? Summer is coming already! I hate summer because I’m not good at standing the heat. However, I found the amazing place that suits you like me. That’s Times Square!  In Times Square, you can do anything. For example, you could do shopping in there, eat delicious food, watch movies, buy some cosmetics, and so forth.

I think Times Square is the best place for shopping. In basement floor, you’re gonna see lots of unbranded clothing stores focusing on the trend in Korea recently. And there are the fast fashion brand, the famous brand like Timberland and Adidas, and many Korean brands in upstairs. Also, there is Shinsegae Department store near Times Square so if you have lots of money, you can do your shopping in there.

Second, Times Square / MAMAS

Next one is the FOOD!! Times Square have a lot of awesome restaurants. Actually, I’m big fan of Café MAMAs. I mean, I have meals in there often when I visit Times Square. There are salads, panini, fresh juice, and so on. It’s like I feel super healthy when I eat that food in Café MAMAS. So I want you to have the food in there. If you don’t want, you can change the dinner, of course!

Except for those places, there are many places that you can enjoy. You can watch a movie (if you can understand the movie with Korean or English), look around ELECTRO MART, or just spend time in cafés. As I said, you’re gonna able to do anything in Times Square despite the heat in summer.

Real Video Clip




Yeongdeungpo Subway Station (Line 1), Exit 5 (outside)



Looking around inside(Shopping, Eat, Movie, so on)



Dinner at Café MAMAS



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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