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(Busan) Walk with spring of Gwangalli

Gwangalli beach in busan diamond bridge seoul korea
Walk with spring of Gwangalli

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Hello!! I’m NokYeon, your tourmate~^^

I’m a kind, social, emotional person. l love travel, delicious food,  taking a picture,  music (especially k-pop!!) and movie. If we met we have a lot of topics to talk😃😃

If I become your tourmate, I’m sure that our trip will be valuable and it will be the good memory to us!!


3 hrs 30 mins


Nature / Food



First, Namcheon cherry blossom street

Walk with spring of Gwangalli and feel the freedom of Gwangalli Beach~~!!

We meet Namcheon Subway station and walk along Namcheon cherry blossom street. This street is located in a housing complex, so you also see the Busan people’s life. As we walk along that street we can meet breeze and scent of Gwangalli beach. Let’s feel spring of Busan and take this view in your eyes!!

As we walking, we will hungry then we will go Bonga-millmyeon which is the famous Korean noodle restaurant. Millmyeon is one of the noodles with cool soup. The soup is based on meat soup, the noodle is made of flour. In that, sliced pork and spiced radish are put. But if you like more seasoned or spicy, you can eat ‘Bibim-Millmyeon’

Second, Gwangalli Beach

After eating, we will go to Gwangalli beach to see the night view of beach include diamond bridge!! In that moment you can feel Gwangalli beach’s freedom and mood etc. You can see Busan people’s real life and other tourists. Also, you can listen to the street artist’s performance named ‘busking’. Walk, See, Feel that place with your head and ears!! g the Lake so that you can face the many kinds of the citizen. This place is also good to take photos!

Next, we will go ‘café Jomalsoon’, hot place of Gwangalli. This café sell Korean traditional dessert and tea. It mixed traditional of Korea dessert and modern taste and trend. We can eat ‘grilled rice cake’ and various kind of Korea traditional tea like ‘handmade fruit tea’ or ‘ginger-latte’. It will taste good!! While we eat there, we can talk about this trip and anything.

Finally, we will end the trip, I will take you to the subway station safely.

Real Video Clip




Namcheon Subway Station(Line 2), Exit3(outside), After meeting, Walk along Namcheon ‘cherryblossom street’.



Eat ‘milmyeon’.(It is located between the cherry blossom street and Gwangalli beach.)



See night view of Gwangalli beach and feel the mood, like busking or mini firework etc.



Eat Korean dessert and tea at ‘Café Jomalsoon’ and talk about this trip or anything.



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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