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Hidden Spot for Seoul Vivid Night View : Seoullo 7017


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Hi, guys!! My name is Gieun Park, you guys just call me “Lisa”. It’s my nick name. I’m a junior and majoring in tourism. Actually, I love traveling, that is the reason why I chose my major as tourism. I think that it will be the point of sameness among you guys and me. So I’m sure that I can give you a lot of useful information and tips about traveling. Besides, I wanna share some experience of traveling.


3 hrs


Culture / Traditional



First, Seoullo 7017 / Namdaemun Market

Seoullo 7017 was launched in 2017. So it is one the new spots in Seoul. Originally, Seoullo was the highway overpass to resolve the population explosion and a serious traffic jam in the 1960s. However, it has many safety problems to sustain cars. Eventually, Seoul tries to change this highway to the street for people.
This place is one of the newest places in Seoul, so many people who live in Seoul haven’t gone there yet. So I think this place is the hidden spot for foreigners.
And Seoullo has two sides of view which are in afternoon and night. We can see both of them.

Firstly, we will meet at the exit 2 of the Seoul subway station. Then we will take a walk to see the afternoon view of the Seoul. Also, there are some spots to enjoy such as a small exhibition and place for immersing our foots in the water.

Secondly, Seoullo is connected with Namdaemun market. So we will go to Namdaemun market to see Korea traditional landscape and eat street food which Koreans like.

Lastly, I’m sure that you guys can see vivid Seoul night view by joining this course. After 6 pm, there are many cars in front the Seoul station. This is because many workers use their cars when they leave their offices. The view which is made by their cars is wonderful. If we have a coffee when we see the night view of Seoul, It will be the best time for healing. : )

Besides, there is an illumination of the Seoul station which is the main train station in Korea and the lighting show of the Seoul square. They are also one of the good to see with the Seoul night view.

Real Video Clip




Seoul Subway Station (Line 1), Exit 2 (Outside)



Go to Seoullo 7017 and take a walk



Get into NamDaemun Market to eat street food



Buy the cup of coffee and go back to middle of Seoullo



Take pictures in the hot spot of Seoullo where is in front of Seoul station



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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