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(Incheon) Invite you in the biggest underground shopping center

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Welcome to Korea! Hi, I’m Hyewon but you can call me Ewon if it’s easy to you 🙂 I live in Incheon near Seoul so I can introduce 2 cities. I study french in university and I was in France during 1 year in 2016. I traveled many countries of Europe but I didn’t visit Asia yet. I love to make new friends and go to new place. So why do not travel Korea with me? 🙂


3 hrs


Entertainment / Food



First, Bupyeong underground shopping center

Bupyeong underground shopping center is the biggest one in Korea. It’s huge and complex place so sometimes we call it Dungeon in game or maze. But don’t worry I’m specialist here. I Know you are already ready to shop but we should be ready also with food.

After we meet at Bupyeong subway station, we move to Bossam restaurant. As you can see in pictures it’s Korean style pork and you can choose sauce between Teriyaki or garlic sauce. And they offer also Kimchi, bean paste soup, rice, vegetables and other pastes.

Now we are ready to shop. There is everything that you want in the underground shopping center. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, colorful contact lens, accessory, and others. You can also choose a gift for your family or friends. If it’s hard to choose the best thing for you, I can recommend

Second, Korean dessert café

It’s time to eat Injeolmi (Rice cake) with bread. We go to Korean dessert café and have a rest with desserts. As you can see in pictures, it’s not the original style of Injeolmi. It looks like a type of toast. Even if I’m Korean, I actually don’t like Injeolmi but it is my favorite dessert. So I think it’s delicious also to foreigners.

And our tour will end in the cafe but I will bring you to subway station.

Real Video Clip




Bupyeong Subway Station (Line 1), Exit 30 (Inside)



Eating in Bossam (Korean style pork) restaurant



Shopping in the underground shopping center



Eating Injeolmi (Korean rice cake) Toast in dessert café



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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