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(Ttukseom Park) TALK, EAT, PLAY!

Ttukseom Han River Park | Have you heard about ‘Chimaek’ before? Play Board Games nearby Konkuk Univ. I believe we can get closer after one and a half hours
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I’m a university student who is recently absent from school and spend time learning English and teaching my (private lesson) students. So I’m (trying to be) good at English and also have quite a lot of time. As I’m the one who really likes, no, actually loves traveling and eating something delicious, I can introduce you some nice places and take you to some memorable restaurants. I like watching movies and playing the piano. Recently, I’m trying hard to spend my time reading books but I think there are really a lot of interesting things to do than that – like hanging out with you guys~ I guarantee that you will NEVER regret spending time with me in Seoul!


4 hrs


Activity / Food



First, Ttukseom Han River Park

We can do all these things nearby Han River!
Under the glittering sunshine, we are going to enjoy kind of early lunch. Have you heard about ‘Chimaek’ before? It’s a shortened phrase which actually means ‘chicken with beer.’ (We say beer as ‘maek-ju’ in Korean.) If you mind fried chicken or other tasty flavors, you can ask me for another dish. Then I can prepare healthy lunchbox for you. I can prepare kimbab or sandwiches and some fruit for you.

After having a lunch, we will take some walk along the riverside. The view is really good. If you want, we can borrow bicycle near the park for free. We can burn our calories, haha. And perhaps if you want, I can teach you some traditional Korean card game. We can play the card game on a mat where we’ll sit.

Second, Board game café

After then, we’ll walk to Konkuk Univ. on foot. It takes about 10 minutes. In the board game café, we can enjoy various kinds of games – from Rummikub to monopoly! I believe we can get closer after one and a half hours of playing games together.

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Meet at Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7) Exit 3 (Outside)



Lunch in the Ttukseom Han River Park (Daytime Chimaek(Fried chicken with beer) or Lunchbox that I could make)



Walk Along or Riding a Bicycle in the Ttukseom Han River Park



Play Board Games nearby Konkuk Univ.



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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