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nambu traditional market jaman mural village jeonju hanok village local travel
nambu traditional market jaman mural village jeonju hanok village local travel

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To begin with, I would describe myself as; a travel maniac, a music lover, a small student band singer, a happy university student in Jeonbuk University and most of all a friendly human being. And I LOVE adventure. I love going through something I had never experienced, learning new things and meeting people from different culture. I am super ready to show you around Korea for those who want to travel with me. But I am more than just a guide. I will be open-hearted to listen to your stories, tell my stories, share our thoughts and build a friendship.


4 hrs 30mins


Culture / Food



First, Jeonju Hanok village

Welcome to Jeonju, the city of history, tradition, and gourmet.
Lots of tourists gather in this city to immerse themselves in the beautiful Korean culture and for their perfect food trip.
My tour plan here includes Jeonju Hanok village and Nambu traditional night market, the most famous attractions around Jeonju tourists. This is your best choice to experience Jeonju with the local!

First, you get to wear Korean traditional outfit ‘Hanbok’ showing off Korean style beauty. (Wearing hanbok is totally up to you.) Then we go inside ‘Gyeonggijeon Shrine’, where memorial portraits and ancestor tablets of the Yi family, the rulers of the Joseon dynasty are displayed. After that, we get to climb up to ‘Omokdae’, where you can rest while taking in the full view of Hanok village.

After this, we will walk a short distance to look around Jaman Mural Village. It is a fairly steep walk looking around, but it presents you colorful murals painted on the buildings and walls along the way. Be sure to take cool Instagram photos with the murals you like!

Second, Nambu traditional market

After this you would, I mean ‘we’ would probably be starving. After a very considerate discussion of what kind of food you would like to eat for dinner, you get to choose one restaurant among the good tasty options I have. We will take some time to enjoy amazing Korean dinner, and then we will head off to ‘Nambu traditional market’.

On Friday and Saturday, night market opens on ‘Nambu traditional market’. If you could manage to travel on these days, you will get to see amazingly lots of street food vendors in a long row. Nice dessert after nice meal brings all the happiness in traveling, isn’t it right? If we get some time left, or if we couldn’t experience the night market due to the tour date, we will go inside the Youth Mall located in ‘Nambu Market’. There’s lots of cute and interesting mini sized shops, cafes and also a bar!

Can’t wait to meet you and make happy memories in Jeonju for both of us.

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meet up and wear Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes (wearing hanbok is optional )



Gyeonggijeon tour






Jaman Mural Village



Dinner at Hanok Village or Nambu Market



Nambu Market / Youth Mall



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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