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(Daegu) Time travel to the past

Time travel to the past in hottest spot in Daegu Korea

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5 hrs


Culture / Entertainment



First, Kyung Sang Gam Young Park

This tour’s topic is time travel to the past. It will show you the history of Daegu and the trace of early people. You can feel the mood of the old days!

First, after meeting appointed spot, we will go to the “Kyung Sang Gam Young Park” which contains the history of Daegu. It looks like a normal park, but it has Daegu’s history and helped the development of Daegu. It consists of Han-ok, the Korean traditional building.

After looking around the park, we will visit the “Hyangchon cultural center” that displays our past scenery. In B1, there is Nokhyang , one of the oldest music halls in Korea which were opened in 1946. On the first and second floor, they display Korean war, modern time scenes, poems , etc. we can also experience the school uniform in modern times.

Second, Cheogna hill

Next, we will walk to the “Cheogna hill” that is composed of 90 stone steps. It was chosen as one of the Daegu’s street where people want to walk. It was also the background o the traditional song. On our ways to this hill, we also can the first established church in Daegu and many writers’ house.

Third, Seo-mun Market

After looking around that hill, we will go to the “Seo-mun Market”. This market is the most popular market in Daegu. It has a long history and many delicious street foods. We will eat a meal in this market such as Hotteok, Fish bread, Tteokbokki, Noodles, dumpling , etc. And we will look around the market.

After having a meal in the market, we will go to the “Kim kuang – Suk street”.
We will take the bus. Mr.Kim is one of the singers who Daegu is proud of. To celebrate him and his song, Daegu made this street. This place is good for taking a picture and feeling the 90s music. If you want, you can experience the Takoyaki making.

This tour will help you understanding Daegu’s old times. Let’s travel with me and have good memory~!

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Jungangno Subway Station (Line 1,2), Exit 4(Inside)



Kyung Sang Gam Young Park



Hyangchon cultural center



Cheogna hill



Seo-mun market



Kim Kuang-suk street



End of tour


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