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Sungshin W. Univ
Eunjin Jo | Seodaemun Prison History hall with Tourmate - MYTM

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Maybe I’m not good at English tho, but I still love meeting people and traveling. And right now I’m super excited to meet chill person JUST LIKE YOU


4 hrs


Culture/ Food


Sungshin W.Univ

Sungshin W. Univ

I want to show what Sungshin W.Univ students do daily in their lives. It is one of the typical advantages of MYTM that you can enjoy, and I can show the local image to you. Because it’s nearby the university there are lots of things to do in Sungshin street. You can see shopping mall, cosmetic store, restaurant, department store, karaoke, and etc. We will have a lunch first at Yoonwhi restaurant, there is Japanese food. But if you want another kind of food then you can freely choose other restaurants.

After we have lunch, it’s time to eat dessert! You can check many different kinds of dessert café. At café, we can talk and actually have time to exchange each culture together. And this is one of my favorite time talking each other. And also we will have a shopping, watch a movie, go karaoke, or just look around (if you want). This is what we (Sungshin W. Univ student) do during our school days. And I really want to share this daily routine with you! Come and join with me

Real Video Clip




Sungshin W. Univ. Subway Station (Line 4), Exit1(Inside)



Lunch time(yoonwhi)



Look around Donam street(Do shopping, playing, or watch movie)



Go to café(SOL)and talk time



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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