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Beautiful night scene in Hyehwa

Naksan Park Seoul night view in Hyehwa mytm tourmate
Naksan Park Seoul night view in Hyehwa mytm tourmate

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My name is JiHyeun Yoo. I’m a university student majoring business administration at Sungshin women’s university. I love to talk and listen and walk. I can speak English and little Japanese (I keep studying on it). Always hoping to meet people from other countries and want to be friend with you guys~ ^0^


2 hrs 30mins


Activity / Food



First, Food stalls and Busking

Beautiful night scene in Hyehwa [Feel the tradition and modern part of Korea]

Taste Korean foods from various food stalls and feel the culture by watching busking.
And then let’s have a cup of tea in Korean traditional cafe and walk Naksan Park where it has the history of Korea and see beautiful modern night scene in Hyehwa!!

※ Korea is safe during the night time! So don’t worry!! 20:00~22:30 is the best time to feel night in Korea

Since people who visit Korea want to feel the tradition of Korea and modern part of it, I’ll show you those things one by one.

There are many Korean traditional food stalls that sell lots of things ( samgyeopsal (Korea famous pork), Dalgona(sweet), tteokbokki(stir-fried rice cake) and more). Need to try those things!
And if you are lucky, you can see busking(street performing) that you can feel Korean culture. (In a rare case, you can see Korean new idols!!)

Second, Hanok Style Cafe

Then we are going to café that is remodeled Korean traditional house called Hanok. At there, I’d love to have a cup of tea or coffee and listen to you and talk about each other.
I can help you with your travel since I know a lot of hidden or hot places that might fit you. And can teach the Korean language that you want to learn!  And near the café, there is the fun baseball game that you can play! If you want, I can take you there!

Third, Naksan Park

When it gets dark, we are going to go Naksan Park where it’s so beautiful when lights lit up. Naksan Park is not just ordinary park. It is part of Korean old sungak(fortress).

I’ll talk to you about history if you want, and you can see Namsan tower and its beautiful modern night scene at there that you will never forget! Watching beautiful Night scene in Seoul is one thing that you must do when you visit Korea!




 Meet at Hyewha Subway Station (Line 4), Exit2 (Inside)



Experience Korean food stalls & watch Busking(street performing) 



Go to Hyewharang café( Hanok café ) +baseball game if you want



Night walk in Hyewha Naksan Park



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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