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(Yeouido) Let’s go for a picnic to Han river park

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Hi guys! I’m Dahye, 24, studying international trade in the university. As I’m studying international trade, I got into global stuff and learning and understanding different cultures. I’m an easy going, friendly, enthusiastic person and like beer, sports, eating, trying nice cafes what have you. Why I became a tour mate is I’ve traveled quite many countries and when I was traveling, I was keen to experience the local culture of the countries but it was pretty hard. So I wanted to help people who want to try Korea local stuff, to experience what Koreans actually do! If you are up to this, here I am😉


3 hrs 30mins


Entertainment / Food



First, Yeouido Han River Park

Hanging out in one of the most popular places in Seoul “Han river park” with a local tour mate.
Han river park is the place where is always crowded with local people. You can ride a bicycle, play badminton, talk and eat while you enjoy the nice views. It might sound nothing special but I just want to show how Koreans spend time with friends in Seoul. Let’s have some fun!

First, we are gonna meet at Yeouinaru Station Exit 2. Take a look at the area briefly and then We will go for renting a bicycle and cycling around to explore Han River park.
After that, !we will get some foods from either food trucks or delivery orders and eat and talk.
(There are many choices of foods such as pizza, fried chicken,tteokbokki etc..!!)
Lastly, we will see the night views of Han river and street performances.

We are gonna have lots of time to talk to each other during the tour. I hope through the time with me makes you understand Korean culture better and I get a chance to make a friend! I’ll look forward to seeing you. cheers!

Real Video Clip




meet up at Yeouinaru Station Exit 2



Rent a bike and cycling around the area



Get some foods



See the night views and street performances



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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