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(Konkuk Univ.) Be a ‘One-day Korean college student’ with me !

Be a ‘One-day Korean college student. In Korea, there are two popular college places: Hongik University and Konkuk University...

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 Hello. I am so glad to meet you. My name is Su-Jeong Han. Well, my English name is Christine so you can just call me Christine or Han. I like talking, eating, listening to music, exercising and etc. Most of all, I like meeting new friends and sharing many things with them! I want to be your true friend and I hope you will be my true friend. Let’s share many precious memories together 🙂


4 hrs


Entertainment / Food


Konkuk Univ.

First, Theme café  “Oh-du-mak”

“Be a ‘One-day Korean college student’ with Christine!”
Well, in Korea, there are two popular college places: Hongik University and Konkuk University. Most of students and young generation usually hang out at those places. There are many delicious restaurants, nice cafés, awesome shopping spaces. At this time, I chose Konkuk University between them, because I am a student of there. So if you join this tour, you can experience “Korean college student’s real after school hours’.

First, we will visit a special theme café named ‘Oh-du-mak(Cabin)’. The theme of this café is ‘Cabin’. Each seat is designed like tents and cabins. In there, you can enjoy tea or coffee. Also, you can play the arcade game, VR game, board game, and pool. It is a nice spot to take a picture.

Second, Konkuk University

Second, we will walk around ‘Konkuk University’. I’m a student of here, so I can introduce you my school. Our university is famous for lake and beautiful site. (**But, if you want to do shopping, I can take you to a great shopping place near café. Feel free for choosing.)

Third, Korean Restaurant(3 options)

Lastly, we will have a delicious dinner. There are three options. Beginner-level, intermediate-level, and Real Korean-level.
1) Beginner-level: fried chicken + beer
– ByeolByeol Chicken(별별치킨)
2) Intermediate-level: Korean style BBQ (pork belly) + Korean liquor
– Yeon-ma-ksool(연막술)
3) Real Korean-level: Kimchi pancake + Korean rice wine (makgeoli)
– Shim-ma-ni(심마니)
(**But, if you don’t like drinking, we can just eat delicious food. Don’t worry!)

Real Video Clip




Meet (Konkuk Univ. Subway Station . Line2 . Exit6 . inside)


18:10 date=

Enjoy in special theme cafe

2018-05-18 09:40


Konkuk Univ campus tour



Have a delicious dinner



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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