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Night view in Seoul

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Hello, my name is Hyunbinh. I am 23 and student in Korea, studying real estate. I born in New Jersey, US, but I have lived 20 years in Korea. So I cannot speak English fluently. However, I have a lot of question about abroad so I have studied English for a while. ^^ 

I really like listening music. My favorite artists are Drake, The weekend, Lil dicky and so on. If you like a similar artist, maybe we can talk a lot of time with fun. 🙂 Also, I like dancing and going to party. haha, If you like something fun, we can have an exciting day. So I really want to see you soon. Don’t hesitate.


3 hrs 30mins


Nature / Food



Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

This tour will take you to the most famous tower named ‘N Seoul Tower’ (‘Namsan Tower’) in Namsan Mountain, Seoul.
The mountain’s height is 243m and his tower’s height is 236.7m, so you can enjoy night scene in Seoul at 479m height.
Many people who visit N tower lock to the wall and throw the key away in N Tower. They believe this action means eternal love between the couple.

But before we take a look in N tower, we need to eat dinner first for waiting sunset.
A lot of Korean eat a Korean pork cutlet when they visit N tower. I don’t know why they do exactly, but one thing clear is there are many restaurants which sell pork cutlet.

After sunset, we will go up to Namsan mountain by cable car with watching the night view in Seoul.
Then, we are going to lock our lock in the wall wishing this moment be the good experience to you.
Also, we will buy entrance ticket for entering observatory in N Tower. We can watch night view more clear with beer or soda.
After that, we will go out from N tower by cable car.

If you want, after N tower, we can drink beer or something outside N tower.

Real Video Clip




Myeongdong Subway Station (Line 4), Exit3 (Outside)



Eat dinner near Namsan mountain



Go up to ‘N tower’ by cable car and enjoy night scene



Enter N tower observatory



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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