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Hi, I’m Subin! My English name is Tia😊 I am a university student in Korea, currently studying international issues. Some of the things that I love to do are makeup, traveling, taking photos, dancing, and learning foreign languages✌🏻 I had lived in Seoul since birth, so I know a lot of good spots to introduce. It will be great to share that with foreigners, of course! Hope you enjoy your trip here in Korea🙌🏻


3 hrs


Culture / Food



First, Namdaemun(Sungnyemun)

This tour will let you experience Korea’s past and present in three hours.
First, I personally like to visit historic places whenever I travel abroad so that I could understand the foreign culture better. Thus, I want you to see the number one national treasure of Korea, which is Sungnyemun Gate. There are some sad stories with this, so you might want to hear from me!

Second, Namdaemun market

Next, we will move on to the Namdaemun market. A lot of Korean local people love visiting here to do shopping and to enjoy the various food. Most of the things here are relatively affordable and you will be able to see the traditional type of Korean market.

Third, Myeong-dong

At last, we will go to Myeong-dong, one of the beloved places in Korea. A lot of foreigners pick this place as a place that they must visit. Compared to the Namdaemun market, the mood of Myeong-dong is more active and young. You can try Samgyupsal(Korean BBQ pork belly) or Bulgogi, which is one of the most popular foods in Korea. Not only that, there are numerous street foods such as Tteok-bokki(Stir-fried spicy rice cake), sundae, fish cake, twisted breadstick, Chinese pancake with brown sugar filling, steamed bun with red bean paste filling, fruit juice, and fried chicken. A lot of snacks and street food that Koreans love are all there in Myeong-dong, so you might want to try some! I will help you to freely do shopping and try the various street food.

Real Video Clip




Watching the guard ceremony at the Sungnyemun Gate



Shopping and Eating Korean traditional food at the Namdaemun Market



Shopping and eating street food at Myeong-dong



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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