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Modern Seoul: From Chosun to Korea

Jeongdong Church Baejae School Ehwa School city hall Deoksu Palace
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5 hrs


Entertainment / Culture


City Hall

First, City Hall / Deoksu Palace

Jeong-dong(정동) has a much modern heritage of Korea. You can see through the way from Chosun dynasty to Korea.

We will meet at the City Hall subway station. The Exit5 is right near to the Seoul City Hall. You will see the city hall while waiting for the tour start. The building of the Japanese Government-General of Korea is used as a library now.

The Deoksu Palace(덕수궁) is right next to the city hall. We will see the Royal Guards Changing Ceremony at the main entrance of the palace. After the ceremony, we will look around inside of the Deoksu Palace. Deoksu Palace is the most modern palace among the palaces in Korea.

Second, Modern buildings around the Deoksu Palace

There are also many modern buildings around the palace. We would visit those modern building while walking around the palace. Jeongdong Church – Baejae School – Ehwa School – Jungmyeongjeon – Former Russian Legation. There are more modern spots around the palace. So the number of the spots that we would visit will be changed at the time.

Third, Bank of Korea / Namdaemun Market

Around 7 pm We will go to the Bank of Korea. The Bank of Korea is the first modern bank ever in Korea. The building is not used as a bank now but it’s used as a museum. Namdaemun Market is not far from the Bank of Korea. We will enjoy the time by eating, shopping there.

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Meeting at City Hall subway station (Line 1 or 2) Exit5 (outside)



Seeing the Seoul City Hall and the Square



Looking around Deoksu Palace (& The Royal Guards Changing Ceremony)



Visit modern buildings around the palace



The Bank of Korea



Shopping and having dinner at Namdaemun Market



End of tour


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