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Experience how Korean hang out at Manglidan-gil Road


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Welcome to Korea! I’m Suhee Cho and I believe that you can easily pronounce my name. To start talking about me, I’m a person who likes to travel around other countries and experience new things like food and culture. Also, I’m a good listener so we can talk and share many things about any topic. One of my favorite topics is traveling and just like you came to Korea I guess you and me have one thing in common. We like traveling! Right? During my tour, if you have any question I will tell you as much as I know and even after the tour, you are welcome to ask me things about Korea. I’m ready to be your tourmate so don’t hesitate to hang out with me! I hope we can meet up soon:)


2 hrs 30mins


Culture / Food



First, Mangwon traditional market

Experience how Korean hang out with friends at the popular spot among youth, Manglidan-gil Road.

This place is one of hottest places on SNS. Most of the stores are small and far from coziness but many people are visiting this place. People are attracted by the charm of the coexistence of freshness that is unseen elsewhere and the nostalgia of the 1980s housing. If you visit Manglidan-gil Road on weekend you can see a lot of people waiting in a line in front of almost every restaurant. It has not been so long time to call this place as Manglidan-gil Road. It’s a combination of two words: Mangwon-dong(name of this region) and Gyeonglidan-gil Road(name of the famous road that has many bars and cafés ).

First, we will head toward the Mangwon traditional market and have lunch. We are going to eat Kal-kook-soo(chopped noodles) which is a Korean dish made with wheat noodles. The outer appearance of this place might not look so nice but this place is famous for a cheap price and good taste. You will see many people come alone and eat.

After lunch, we will walk along the Mangwon Market and visit two most famous street food stores. One is called Dak-gang-jung (Boneless fried chicken with sweet sauce) and another one is called Go-ro-kae (stuffed bread). These stores became famous after being broadcast on TV. If you find other street food that you want to try in the market you can also try those. 

Second,  Mangwon street

Then we will go outside of the market and visit some stores that sell toys, stationery, and items for decoration. If you are interested in one of those kinds be sure to prepare money for shopping. The location of stores is what makes this place special because they are located in unexpected places. Stores are scattered along Manglidan-gil Road so we will find each one.

At last, we will go to a café named Blue Print café. We will enjoy a cup of coffee and have time to chat. This café provides free picture taking service for those who order drinks. The photographer even retouches the picture nicely and sends it through messenger. You will like it.

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Mangwon Subway Station (Line 6), Exit2 (Inside)



Lunch at Mangwon Market (Chopped noodles)



Walk along the Mangwon Market and eat street food.



Walk along Manglidan-gil Road and visit various stores (toy, stationery, items for decoration etc)



Go to a cafe



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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