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Make your best photos in Seochon which is blended past with eclectic present


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Hello, My name is Seong-Eun, but you can also call me Olivia 🙂 I enjoy listening music, watching a movie, walking around, eating and talking with people! And I really like traveling somewhere and meeting new people there Traveling is one of my greatest pleasures and I always remember the place I have been before with the people who I was with. They are part of my travel and my memories as well. I would like to be a good memory in Korea for you and for me, for both of us! If you want to be a social Korean friend, please do not hesitate to message me! Let’s have fun together!!


2 hrs


Traditional / Culture



First, Seochon Street

Seochon is a place that is located west side of Gyeongbok Palace and also opposite side of Bukchon area which is very famous for Korean traditional house village.
Here has a distinctive atmosphere mixed with past and present of Korea and that is why Seochon is a nice place to take a picture. You can make special memories here and I will make photos for you.

Why don’t you enjoy your time and make a good memory from this place with me?
Let’s take a walk around Seochon area and make some conversation at concept café which was one of the oldest used bookstores before and also famous for filming site of some celebrities.

* We can only take a picture using by cell phone at Deo-bookstore (Concept café) ,Not allowed camera.
** If you prefer to visit other café instead of De-o, there are some other options like dessert café, roaster    café and flower café. We can coordinate up to your preference.

Real Video Clip




Take a walk and look around the Seochon area (Including BOAN STAY)



De-o bookstore (popular photo spot & café)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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