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(Chuncheon) A Picnic day in Magical Island, Namisum

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4 hrs 30mins


Nature / Food



First, Korean Restaurant “Yeon-ga-ji-ga”

Namisum is a half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, What made Namisum so special are Metasequoia Road and many festivals(Book, Rock festivals). Many programs were filmed at Metasequoia road, it brought many tourists! Namisum is a perfect place for picnic and date! I’ll guide you to have perfect 4 hours in Namisum.

We have to take a bus and a boat to reach Namisum. After We arrive Namisum, We’ll have lunch box at the restaurant(named Yeon-ga-ji-ga). The package of lunch box reminds the lunch box that students used to bring to school in the 1970s. The Main menu of the restaurant is Kimchi Fried rice. Menus of the restaurant are mostly Korean food. (But You can change the restaurant with different menus if you want.)

Second, Namisum

After we have lunch, We’ll look around Namisum. There are many things to enjoy in Namisum. You can lend bicycles and you can take mini trains. Also, There are many kinds of street food too. As Namisum is famous for the views, You can be the best photographer! Actually, Namisum has special animals that are unusual to meet in cities. Red Squirrels, Rabbits, Ostrich will help you to take the best picture!

We’ll take a bus going back to Gapyeong station and end the tour! (You should take the metro Gyeongchun line or ITX to reach Gapyeong Station!)

Real Video Clip




Gapyeong Station (Inside)



Move to Namisum (We should take a bus and a boat)



Lunch Time



Walk around Namisum



End of tour


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